Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taking My First Step

so for weeks i've been meaning to start a blog, but i just never really got around to it until now of course. but because this idea has been running through my head for so long, i startetd to brainstorm about my first blog post. i figured that it should be an introductionary blog about me: my name, age, hobbies, talents, blah blah blah. but then, i decided that you can figure out who i am exactly by what i write about.

i keep too many of my thoughts, feelings, opinions all locked up in my mind. i want my blog to be a way for me to kind of release my "inner mind" and get me into a habit of free-lance writing. i want to be a great writer and author someday, so i'm hoping this will be good practice for me.

unfortuantely, i do tend to care what people think of me, so i am nervous to do this. but, if i want to write books one day, this is the first step to write down what i think and have people read it. i think i've tried to write a book since i was little, but i could never let anyone read it; i was afraid of what they would think. and your asking yourself "if she's afraid to let people read what she writes, why or how is she going to be an author?" haha, good question! thats another reason i'm writing this blog; to step out of my comfort zone and get used to people reading about my thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions, and my wild and crazy imagination :)

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  1. I know what you mean. I've loved writing since I was a child, but it's incredibly hard to put yourself out there like that without some sort of deflection.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!