Friday, August 21, 2009

Broken Hearts

so you think you know a person; you trust them, care about them, and really like them. that is of course untill you realize they aren't who you think they are. they break your heart, stab you in the back, take advantage of your trust...the list can go on and on. but whatever they did, it hurts like nothing else. the pain cuts through your heart like a dager and you feel like you can't breathe ever again.

but unfortunately for me, i NEVER let things go. i ask my self over and over again "how did this happen?" i can never get over how they weren't really who i thought they were. i trust way too easliy and my judgement was fooled. how? how did i not see?

but then the other hard part is that i can't stop thinking about the good times we had. when we had good talks, when we laughed about dumb problems, when we both found ways to sneak to see each other, when we talked about our shared opinions on government....yep, can't stop thinking about it. and thats what makes it so hard to forget you; i still remember you as the person i thought you were.

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